Thru Tubing Inflatable Technology

Made Differently, Perform Better

Wellpro Group has a long term collaborative agreement with Inflatable Packers International (IPI) who are a leading manufacturer of inflatable technology for Oil & Gas industry.


Wellpro Group can offer this best in class products and technology along with operational design, technical support and field personnel to run and deploy the technology at your well site.


With a focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction this unique multi-cycle inflatable packer technology is superior to conventional oilfield inflatable packers. Current operational ratings reach up 150 C and 15,000 psi (not concurrent) and the “envelope” is continually being pushed outwards.


We can support with a wide range of inflatable packers and service tools suited for hydraulic fracturing, permeability testing, formation evaluation, acid treatments, open-hole and cased-hole applications onshore, offshore, conventional, unconventional, and geothermal along with operational design, office and field support personnel.


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Thru Tubing Inflatable Portfolio